Let’s be honest…


As women, we all need more open conversations around the realities of running a business.

The internet still wants us to think that overnight success is real (it isn’t.)

And no matter how hard we try not to, it’s easy to get lost in the idea that we have to consistently ‘win.’

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Luckily for you, can.did. conversation is our thing.


As the world reopens, we’re here to cut through the noise on your behalf.

Connect you with business owners that crave transparency and meaningful connections.

And provide tangible security to protect you and your business,

so that you can refocus on building a business that lasts.

We’re powered by…

can.did. conversation

From our members-only network to our events, we’ll never tell you that running a business is easy. We’re here for every moment that reminds you it’s not.

can.did. conversation

genuine connection

We don’t do cliques or status. We care about working together to find solutions to challenges and creating meaningful connections that last.


tangible security

From free Vala health cover for you and your family to pension, insurance, legal and maternity support, our benefits package is the first-of-its-kind for women-owned businesses and has you covered long-term.


Backed up with…

long-term thinking

We’re calling time on the ‘overnight success’ myth. After all, the tortoise won the race in the end eh?


a 'we' not 'me' mindset

We encourage all members to ask ‘how can I help others?’ Not simply, ‘how can others help me?’

a ‘we’ not ‘me’

ongoing development

We’re committed to ongoing development, even if it’s not always easy and support all members as they learn and progress too.

ongoing development

The result?


A new kind of networking that allows you to…

show up as you are

Meet women on your wave length for can.did. conversations about business, rather than feeling like you need to perform or ‘keep up.’

show up as you are

broaden your horizons

Cover your blindspots so you can focus on what you’re good at and hear fresh perspectives beyond echo chambers online.

broaden your horizons

protect yourself long-term

With added security to make sure you and your business are protected for the long haul.

protect yourself long-term

By joining can.did. today, you’ll gain instant access to…

£18 per month | £180 per year
Get 2 months free when you sign up for the annual membership!
  • 24/7 access to the can.did. digital network to connect with fellow business owners who are in this for the long haul, tailor your connections via location and industry and have your questions answered by those that can and did
  • 24/7 access to the can.did. benefits package packed with the essential elements that are vital to our security and success in the long-run
  • The first-of-its-kind for all female business owners in the UK, including free Vala health cover for you and your family and access to pensions, discounted business, legal, lifestyle and maternity support
  • Weekly interviews and panels that bring together some of the UK's leading thinkers and creators for can.did. conversation and ongoing development to cover your blind spots
  • Weekly round up of thought provoking business articles and insights delivered straight to your inbox to encourage fresh perspectives beyond echo chambers online
  • Monthly virtual networking events that prioritise genuine connection to spark real conversation and keep you focused on your long-term ‘how' and your ‘why’
  • not to mention…
  • 24/7 access to a can.did. network that holds space for sincere feedback if you want it. we have zero tolerance for tearing one another down but we won’t blindly cheerlead if we secretly think your idea needs work either (because however nice hearing ‘LOVE IT’ feels in the moment, we're can.did. about the fact that it won't help you progress long-term)
It's what makes can.did. different and it's what we do best.

Zero hassle. Put it through your books. Welcome to can.did.


can.did. hasn’t just popped out of nowhere…

Once upon a time we were called She can. She did. What started as a project to provide more honesty across the business landscape back in the summer of 2017, very quickly evolved into a business on a much chunkier mission…

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Are we a good fit?

If you’re a freelancer, self-employed or director of a limited company, we’re off to a good start…

But genuine connection, honesty and long-term thinking are at the core of can.did. and in a viral world, we know that means we’re not for everyone…

Just want access to the can.did. benefits?

Good for you.

We’re fully on board with anyone who wants to invest in their long-term security.

In fact, we wish more business owners would.

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Did you know that we donate 10% of all membership fees to Glitch?

By joining can.did. you’re helping to protect all of us from online abuse.

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We’ve seen you

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We’ve heard you


Now we want to connect you

Put simply, we’re never going to tell you that running a business is easy.

We’re here for every moment that reminds you it’s not.

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