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A Case Study with Lakesha Cole Journey of SHEPR by Prowly

lakesha cole

lakesha cole


In the competitive realm of public relations, boutique agencies face unique challenges in managing diverse client portfolios, targeting niche audiences, and demonstrating tangible results. Amidst these challenges, shePR, a women-led, Black-owned boutique agency based in Tampa, Florida, sought to elevate their operations and deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients. This case study delves into how shePR transformed their approach to PR by leveraging the powerful capabilities of Prowly, an all-in-one PR tool.

Customer Profile:

About Lakesha Cole:

Lakesha Cole, the CEO and Founder of shePR, is a seasoned professional in the realm of public relations. With a focus on traditional PR, media relations, and crisis management, Lakesha and her team excel in helping brands find their unique stories and effectively communicate with their target audiences.

Challenges Faced: Boutique Agencies

Solutions Implemented: Boutique Agencies

How Prowly Helped: Boutique Agencies

Outcome and Proposals: Boutique Agencies

Conclusion: Boutique Agencies

shePR’s success story with Prowly underscores the transformative impact of embracing innovative PR solutions. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, boutique agencies like shePR can overcome challenges, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional results for their clients. The partnership between shePR and Prowly exemplifies the power of innovation in driving success in the dynamic world of public relations.

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