If you’re reading this now, firstly hello!


I’m Fi and I’m the Founder of can.did. – a new kind of networking for more candid conversations.

Having spent the past four years interviewing female business owners about the challenges we face behind the scenes, can.did. is a business network built for women who are tired of the ‘overnight success’ hype online, the blanket advice that often lacks substance and the misleading idea that we have to consistently ‘win’ to be a success…

(I’m one of those women too, by the way!)

Fiona Grayson, Founder of She can. She did.

By creating a space for more candid conversations and meaningful connections…

We can build a new type of networking that…

Encourages more honest communication around the reality of running a business.

Connects you with others that feel the same.

Holds space for sincere feedback, always.

With added security to make sure your business is built to last.

can.did. didn’t pop up out of nowhere though…


Once upon a time we were called She can. She did. Find out more about our story here.

Our story

Our story

Once upon a time we were called She can. She did. From 2017 to now, see the journey that led to can.did. in pictures here…

Our mission

Our mission

Whether we start with 100 business owners today or 5000 5 years down the line, we’re ready to do things differently as the world reopens…

Are we a good fit?

Are we a good fit?

If you’re a freelancer, self-employed or director of a limited company, we’re off to a good start but in a viral world, we know we’re not for everyone…

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