It’s about time we did.

Honesty + Respect = can.did. conversation.

Kindness + Transparency = can.did. conversation.


There’s a big difference between connecting and communicating in our book. In today’s online world, we’re candid about the fact that we’re not going to move forward unless we start having can.did. conversations – not just liking posts – and facing the realities of running a business, together.


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Running a business can be incredibly rewarding but it can also be unbelievably tough.

Things that are difficult to say in business are often the things that need to be said the most.

Receiving endless praise online feels great in the moment but it doesn’t help you to succeed in the long-run if it’s not sincere.

There’s a lot of support out there for women, yes, but there’s no denying the fact that the business landscape is still skewed against us.

By creating a space for more can.did. conversation, we can build a new type of networking that…

Promotes the reality of running a business – sans the glossy facade – to keep us focused on both our ‘how’ and our ‘why’.

Creates meaningful connections that aren’t based on the number of followers you have but your purpose and your willingness to help others en route.

And holds space for sincere feedback, always, so that we can all progress going forward.

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Whether we start with 100 business owners today, 200 next month or 10,000 5 years from now, we’re ready to do things differently as the world reopens and push for the all-important change the business world needs to see.

Together we can. It’s about time we did.

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