A spotlight on: Chenai Bukutu, Founder of By Chenai Events

By Chenai Events

This week, I got to chat to the creative genius and Founder of By Chenai that is Chenai Bukutu who I first came across a few weeks ago when she, along with Mako Ndoro of Berry & Briecreated a series on Instagram that went live on Black Out Tuesday that aimed to amplify the voices and experiences of black creatives within the wedding industry.

As a UK-based wedding and event planner – the J Lo ‘Wedding Planner’ fan in me was very much looking forward to this chat by the way – Chenai works with a roster of clients each year who appreciate the finer aesthetics and details in life, and always goes above and beyond to provide the extra special touches that transform events from mundane and ordinary to magical and memorable. 

From the research that Chenai undertook in the early days to ensure that she promoted integrity and professionalism from day one and how she’s approached charging for and promoting her services as her experience has increased thereafter; how she dealt with the coronavirus’s colossal impact on the wedding industry along with why she’s put flexible boundaries in place for both her clients and her own wellbeing; to why she feels more confident about discussing why the wedding industry needs to be more diverse today than she did a few weeks back and how her confidence in general has evolved since launching By Chenai; this is Chenai’s business story in full to date! I hope you enjoy it!

PS. Given that this was recorded in lockdown, there’s a few wifi issues where we ran into a few technical hiccups (!) so please do take those with a pinch of salt when they crop up!


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