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Ghost Review: Ultimate Guide to Modern Publishing

Ghost Review

What is a Ghost?

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What is a Ghost?

Ghost is the online home of Ghost, an independent technology designed for modern publishing. It is a powerful platform that enables professional publishers to effortlessly create, share, and monetize their content through website building, content publication, newsletter distribution, and paid subscriptions. Ghost emphasizes easy site design, and advanced creator tools, and supports audience growth with features like native signup forms and analytics.

What is a Ghost?

The platform is known for its reliability, independence, and commitment to user support, offering a 14-day free trial for those looking to launch and grow their publications.

When to Choose Ghost?

Ghost is an ideal choice for professional publishers seeking a modern and user-friendly platform. Its appeal lies in independence, being open source and being funded directly by users. With intuitive features for easy site design, advanced creator tools, and seamless audience growth through memberships and subscriptions, Ghost stands out.

The platform’s flexibility is evident in its wide range of integrations and successful user cases, such as Ali Abdaal and Buffer. If you value simplicity, customization, and a commitment to independence in your publishing journey, Ghost offers a robust solution tailored to your needs.

Benefits of using Ghost

  • Engage your audience with a variety of popular, professional themes.
  • Enjoy flexibility in design and integrations for personalized websites.
  • Synchronize applications, platforms, and websites with ease.
  • Leverage the open-source nature for seamless third-party integrations and data synchronization.
  • Access a dedicated support team for assistance, with options for email or priority support.

Who uses Ghost?

Ghost is a versatile platform catering to a diverse range of users:

  1. For Creators:
    • Suited for YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters, musicians, and artists.
  2. For Publishers:
    • Tailored for writers, journalists, local news, and new media outlets.
  3. For Business:
    • Ideal for modern brands and companies with ambitious content marketing strategies.
  4. For Developers:
    • Provides source code, documentation, guides, and tutorials for developers.

Ghost’s Features

  1. Easy Site Design:

    • Ghost offers a user-friendly platform for website creation, providing control over design and branding.
    • Users can choose from a variety of themes or create custom designs, ensuring a unique and visually appealing website.
  2. Advanced Creator Tools:

    • The editor is designed for professionals, featuring advanced workflows and a clean design.
    • Supports the creation of rich media content, including image galleries, gifs, videos, audio, and more.
  3. Built-in Newsletters:

    • Ghost simplifies content delivery with built-in email newsletters.
    • Users can segment their audience and send targeted newsletters, enhancing engagement.
  4. Audience Growth and Monetization:

    • Streamlines the process of building indie publications with memberships and subscriptions.
    • Native signup forms convert visitors into logged-in members, offering both free and paid subscription options.
  5. Business Management:

    • Effective management of memberships, tracking sign-ups, payments, and reader preferences.
    • Native analytics provide detailed insights into user engagement and content performance.
  6. Offers and Promotions:

    • Supports business growth through discounts, special promotions, and sales.
    • Enables the creation of enticing offers to attract and retain subscribers.
  7. Integrations:

    • Seamlessly integrates with various tools and services, including referral programs, push notifications, social sharing, payment gateways, A/B testing, desktop editors, mobile apps, comments, and notifications.
  8. Creator Stats:

    • Showcases success stories of publishers and creators, adding credibility to the platform.
    • Features notable individuals and businesses that have achieved success using Ghost.
  9. Resource Hub:

    • Provides a library of resources and guides to assist users in maximizing the platform’s potential.
    • Offers concierge migration services for users transitioning from other platforms.
  10. Open Source and Developer-Friendly:

    • Completely open source and MIT licensed, allowing flexibility for developers.
    • Can be run with a native Handlebars theme layer or in a headless mode using the JSON API.
  11. Reliability:

    • Emphasizes long-term dependability, being open source, independent, and funded 100% by its users.
    • Ensures transparency without external investors, contributing to a trustworthy platform.

These features collectively make Ghost a comprehensive and user-focused platform, catering to the diverse needs of individuals, publishers, businesses, and media outlets in the modern publishing landscape.

Pricing Details

Ghost offers a range of pricing plans for its unified platform, starting with the $9/month Starter Plan for up to 500 members. As needs scale, users can explore the $25/month Creator Plan, $50/month Team Plan, or $199/month Business Plan, each providing expanded features. Ghost offers a ~20% discount for annual payments and a 14-day free trial. While specific cancellation and refund policies aren’t detailed, various payment methods are accepted for user flexibility. Visit the Ghost(Pro) pricing page for more details.


Ghost integrates seamlessly with a variety of tools to elevate your publishing endeavors. From automating tasks with Zapier and Pipedream to optimizing analytics with Google Analytics and Fathom, Ghost empowers you. Enhance your member experience with platforms like Patreon and Memberful, or amplify your marketing strategies using Mailchimp and Buffer. Foster community engagement through Discord and Slack integrations, and enrich your content with Unsplash and Setka Editor.

Whether you’re into podcasts, e-commerce, social media, or SEO, Ghost’s extensive integrations, including Transistor, Shopify, Twitter, and Google Optimize, make your publishing journey smoother and more efficient. Explore the full list on Ghost’s Integrations page for a comprehensive experience.

Ghost Help Center

The Ghost Help Center is a one-stop resource for optimizing your Ghost platform experience:

  1. Ghost Manual:
    • Learn site customization, content publishing, and membership launches.
  2. Ghost(Pro) Help:
    • Tailored articles for Ghost(Pro) customers on billing, login, custom domains, etc.
  3. FAQs:
    • Quick solutions to common Ghost-related queries.
  4. Setup Guides:
    • Guides for site setup, editor intro, member configuration, and portal customization.
  5. Read the Manual:
    • Manage subscriptions, change subdomains, transfer ownership, and add custom domains.
  6. Read More and FAQs:
    • Detailed info on transaction fees, using embeds, member email settings, and cookie notices.
  7. Navigation Links:
    • Explore company details, career opportunities, resources, terms, privacy, and contact info.

use cases for Ghost Review

  1. Professional Publishing:

    • Ghost is designed for professional publishers who want to create, share, and build a business around their content. It provides modern tools for website building, content publishing, newsletters, and offering paid subscriptions to members.
  2. Easy Site Design:

    • Users can have complete control over their website and branding with Ghost. It enables the launch of custom websites, and users can tweak design settings to match their brand and style. The platform also provides hundreds of custom themes in the marketplace or the option to build a completely custom design from scratch.
  3. Advanced Creator Tools:

    • Ghost offers an editor specifically built for professionals, providing a calm and advanced workflow by default. It eliminates clumsy toolbars and drag-and-drop issues, offering a seamless interface. Users can enhance their content with rich media, dynamic cards, and built-in newsletters.
  4. Audience Growth:

    • Ghost helps transform clicks into contacts by offering native signup forms that turn anonymous views into logged-in members. Users can allow people to sign up for free or purchase paid subscriptions across monthly and yearly premium tiers.
  5. Business Management:

    • The platform allows users to manage memberships effectively by providing insights into who’s signing up, who’s paying, and what they’re reading. Native analytics offer detailed engagement analytics, and users can run offers and promotions to entice new subscribers.
  6. Integrations:

    • Ghost integrates seamlessly with various tools, including referral programs, push notifications, social sharing, payment gateways, A/B testing, desktop editors, mobile apps, comments, and notifications.
  7. Creator Stats:
    • Ghost highlights successful creators, publishers, and businesses using the platform. It mentions a significant amount of revenue earned each year by Ghost publishers, emphasizing the platform’s capability to support independent creators.
  8. Resources and Guides:
    • Ghost provides a library of resources to help users share content, grow their audience, maximize the platform’s features, and build independent subscription businesses. This includes concierge migration services to move content from other platforms.
  9. Developer-Friendly:
    • Ghost is completely open-source, MIT licensed and can be run with a native Handlebars theme layer or headless using the JSON API. The platform offers developer documentation for those who want to customize their publishing experience.
  10. Reliability and Independence:
    • Ghost emphasizes being open-source, independent, and funded 100% by its users. It positions itself as a product users can depend on without external investors.

These use cases highlight Ghost’s versatility in catering to the needs of professional publishers, content creators, and businesses looking for a reliable and independent publishing platform.

Pros & Cons of Ghost Review


  1. Focused on Publishing:
    • Designed specifically for content creators, ensuring a streamlined and efficient writing and publishing experience.
  2. Markdown Editor:
    • Features a user-friendly Markdown editor, enabling easy content formatting without distractions.
  3. Membership and Subscription Features:
    • Offers integrated tools for managing memberships and subscriptions, allowing creators to monetize their content effectively.
  4. Customization:
    • Provides flexible customization options for site design and layout, empowering users to present their content uniquely.
  5. Performance-Oriented:
    • Known for speed and optimization, Ghost ensures efficient loading and a smooth user experience.
  6. Ghost(Pro) Hosting:
    • Simplifies setup and ensures reliable hosting through Ghost(Pro), offering convenience for users.
  7. Active Development Community:
    • Benefits from a thriving community actively contributing to the platform’s development and support.


  1. Learning Curve:
    • Beginners may face a learning curve, particularly those unfamiliar with Markdown and certain technical aspects.
  2. Limited Extensibility:
    • While Ghost has native features, the ecosystem of third-party extensions and themes is not as extensive as some other platforms.
  3. Focused Use Case:
    • Primarily tailored for publishing, potentially limiting its appeal to users requiring diverse functionalities like e-commerce.
  4. Self-Hosting Challenges:
    • Self-hosting can be challenging for non-technical users, and Ghost(Pro) hosting comes with associated costs.
  5. Community vs. Wider Adoption:
    • Despite an active community, Ghost lacks the widespread adoption seen in larger platforms, impacting resource availability.
  6. Not a General CMS:
    • Ghost is specialized for content publishing and may not suit users with complex website needs beyond that.
  7. Cost Considerations:
    • While a free version is available, Ghost(Pro) hosting and additional features may incur costs, a factor for budget-conscious users.

Alternatives to Ghost Review

  1. DCatalog: Transforms content into stunning flip catalogs, magazines, and brochures to increase brand awareness.
  2. UniConsent: Provides GDPR and CCPA compliance solutions with a focus on cookie banners and scanning.
  3. The Magazine Manager: Web-based CRM tailored for magazine publishers, covering production, billing, and reporting.
  4. Swift Publisher: Super-intuitive desktop publishing app designed for Mac users.
  5. Live Center: Live blogging software facilitating real-time delivery of breaking news for publishers and media companies.
  6. ubiJournal: Platform for rapid publishing and management of journal websites.
  7. CatBase: Database publishing platform for catalogs, directories, and price lists.

Regrettably, specific FAQs from the Ghost website cannot be retrieved as it requires interacting with dynamic elements on the page. Nevertheless, I can provide you with a list of commonly asked questions related to Ghost based on general knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Ghost Review

  1. What is Ghost?

    • Ghost is an independent technology designed for modern publishing, offering a platform for creators, publishers, and businesses to build and grow their online presence.
  2. How can I try Ghost?

    • You can try Ghost for free for 14 days by signing up on their website. During the trial period, you can explore its features and decide if it fits your needs.
  3. What features does Ghost offer for website design?

    • Ghost provides easy site design with complete control over branding. Users can launch custom websites, tweak design settings, and choose from hundreds of custom themes or build their designs.
  4. Tell me about Ghost’s advanced creator tools.

    • Ghost’s advanced creator tools include a professional-grade editor, support for rich media and dynamic cards, and built-in newsletters for content delivery via email.
  5. How does Ghost help in growing my audience?

    • Ghost transforms website clicks into contacts by offering native signup forms. Creators can allow free signups or offer paid subscriptions across different tiers to support their work.
  6. What analytics does Ghost provide for content engagement?

    • Ghost offers native analytics to understand content engagement. Creators can see who’s signing up, track payments, and identify the most popular content.
  7. Are there offers and promotions available on Ghost?

    • Yes, Ghost enables creators to run offers and promotions to entice new subscribers and grow their business. This can include discounts, special promotions, or limited-time offers.
  8. Does Ghost integrate with other tools?

    • Yes, Ghost supports various integrations, including referral programs, push notifications, social sharing, payment gateways, A/B testing, desktop editors, mobile apps, comments, and notifications.
  9. How much revenue do Ghost publishers generate?

    • Ghost publishers generate over $25,000,000 in revenue each year, and Ghost does not charge any payment fees.
  10. Is Ghost open source?

    • Yes, Ghost is completely open-source, MIT licensed and can be run with a native Handlebars theme layer or headless using the JSON API.

Conclusion: Ghost Review

Ghost is a powerful and user-friendly platform designed for modern publishing, catering to a diverse user base, from individual creators to established businesses. Its commitment to customization, advanced creator tools, and integrated features like newsletters and analytics sets it apart. Notable users, open-source nature, and transparent funding contribute to its reliability and independence. Ghost offers a comprehensive solution for website design, audience management, and monetization, making it a trusted choice in the dynamic landscape of digital publishing.

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