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GoHighLevel for Agencies: Alex Schlinsky’s Success Story

GoHighLevel for Agencies: Alex Schlinsky's Success Story

Customer Profile:

  • Name: Alex Schlinsky
  • Company: Founder of Prospecting On Demand™
  • Position: Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker
  • Location: Tampa, Florida, United States

About Alex Schlinsky:

As the founder of Prospecting On Demand™, Alex Schlinsky is a dynamic entrepreneur, coach, and speaker based in Tampa, Florida. With a passion for coaching sales and helping businesses scale, Alex faced challenges in his client acquisition process and sought innovative solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Agency Challenges

1. Complex Client Acquisition Process:

  • Alex encountered difficulties in navigating a complex client acquisition process.
  • To streamline this process, the multitude of options overwhelmed prospects, hindering the efficiency of the acquisition strategy.

2. Overwhelm in Product Offerings:

  • The diverse range of product offerings posed a challenge, leading to confusion among potential clients.
  • To address this, there was a need to simplify the product line to enhance clarity and improve customer understanding.

3. Missed Call Management:

  • Like many businesses, Alex’s operations faced the universal pain point of missed calls.
  • There was a clear need for a solution that efficiently addressed missed calls and recovered potential revenue. Enter Go High Level.

GoHighLevel for Agencies (solutions):

1. Simplified Client Acquisition Process:

  • Alex recommended focusing on one specific feature of GoHighLevel, streamlining the client acquisition process. This shift in focus meant making the product offering “a mile deep” rather than “an inch deep and a mile wide.”

2. Product Simplification for Value:

  • To enhance perceived value, Alex advised simplifying the product offerings.
  • He introduced a significant step in this direction – a calculator for the “Missed Call Text Back” feature in GoHighLevel, providing a practical tool to add value and address specific pain points.

3. Missed Call Text Back Feature:

  • The introduction of the missed call text-back feature emerged as an easy-to-sell tool.
  • This innovative feature offered a solution for businesses dealing with missed calls, presenting a clear opportunity for potential revenue recovery.

Alex Schlinsky’s Outcomes:

1. Positive Client Feedback:

  • Alex’s elite clients successfully utilized Go High Level, attesting to its effectiveness. In essence, the implementation of the missed call text-back strategy received positive feedback, indicating tangible impacts on businesses.

2. Efficient Automation with High Level:

  • GoHighLevel became a central tool for prospecting, sales, fulfillment, and client retention.
  • Alex highlighted its simplicity and unique automation features, contributing to the efficiency of his operations. This seamless integration significantly contributed to the efficiency of his operations.

3. Encouragement for Business Scaling:

  • Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Alex advocated for the use of GoHighLevel for agencies.
  • Providing a valuable insights into client acquisition strategies, he hinted at valuable tools available through GoHighLevel for effective scaling.


Alex Schlinsky’s journey with GoHighLevel showcases a transformative experience in lead generation and business growth. By addressing challenges with a simplified approach and leveraging innovative features, Alex not only streamlined his processes but also achieved positive outcomes for his clients. GoHighLevel’s efficiency, simplicity, and impactful features have positioned it as a key tool in Alex’s arsenal, empowering him to coach and scale businesses successfully. As he encourages others to explore the potential of GoHighLevel, the case study exemplifies how strategic adoption of technology can lead to remarkable business success.

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