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GoHighLevel for Restaurants: Matt Plapps success story

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Customer Profile

  • Name: Matt Plapp
  • Company: America’s Best Restaurants
  • Position: CEO at America’s Best Restaurants
  • Location: Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, United States

About Matt Plapp

As the CEO at America’s Best Restaurants, Matt Plapp is a thought leader in the realms of ROI, restaurant marketing, and business strategy. He actively engages in discussions around ROI for restaurants, and restaurant marketing.

About ROI Engine

Under Matt Plapp’s leadership, ROI Engine specializes in helping restaurants leverage their marketing efforts to build a substantial customer database and foster repeat business. Their comprehensive services encompass advertising, marketing strategy, social media marketing, graphic design, restaurant photography, email marketing, mobile marketing, video production, and content marketing.

Key Takeaways for Marketers

  1. Niche Focus for Efficient Scaling: Matt’s journey underscores the efficiency of scaling when you find your niche.
  2. Building Databases for Resilience: The emphasis on building databases serves as a long-term strategy for business resilience.
  3. Adapting Strategies During Crises: The ability to adapt and pivot strategies during crises is crucial for business survival.

Restaurant Marketing Challenges

Diverse Software Usage:

  • Previously used multiple software solutions for different purposes (email, text, landing page, appointment).

Communication Issues:

  • Faced challenges with the lack of communication among different platforms.

Time Constraints:

  • Initially hesitated to adopt High Level due to time constraints.

Lack of Understanding:

  • Initially didn’t fully grasp the extensive functionalities that High Level offered.

GoHighLevel Solutions for Restaurants

Comprehensive Platform:

  • GoHighLevel provided a comprehensive platform, consolidating various functions into one unified solution.

Focus on CRM:

  • Matt revisited High Level with a specific focus on CRM functionality, addressing his communication challenges.

Emphasis on Efficiency:

  • High Level eliminated the need for separate tools for landing pages, appointments, email, and text, emphasizing efficiency.

Scalability Options:

  • Upgrading to a bigger account on High Level provided unlimited accounts, ensuring scalability.
  • High Level charges based on data usage, not data size, resulting in cost savings.

Matt Plapps Outcomes

Positive Discoveries:

  • Explored High Level in the summer of 2019 and was amazed by its capabilities.
  • Achieved significant cost savings, amounting to $2-3k per month for his agency.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

  • Consolidating everything in one place with High Level resulted in substantial cost savings for America’s Best Restaurants.

Appreciation for High Level Team:

  • Acknowledges the High Level team for continuous innovation
  • Expresses gratitude for features that exceeded expectations.

Future Collaboration:

Matt Plapp’s Journey to Scaling a Restaurant-Focused Agency

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, finding your niche can be the key to unlocking unprecedented growth and success. In this blog post, we delve into the insightful journey of Matt Platt, a seasoned marketer, cross fitter, author, and the CEO of ROI experts. Join us as we explore how Matt navigated the challenges of diversification, embraced a restaurant-focused approach, and adapted strategies during times of crisis.

Matt Plapp: The Maestro of Marketing

Before we dive into the details, let’s introduce the maestro himself – Matt Platt. With a rich background as a consultant, coach, and speaker, Matt is the driving force behind ROI experts, a marketing agency that has carved its niche in the restaurant industry. His journey began in 2008, serving clients across various sectors.

Challenges of Diversity and the Turning Point

Managing clients from 31 different industries posed significant challenges for Matt. The lack of uniformity in services made scalability a daunting task. However, everything changed in 2017 when Matt decided to niche down and focus solely on the restaurant industry after being coached by the renowned Billy Gene.

Scaling Up the Restaurant-Focused Agency

The transition to a restaurant-focused agency was not just a pivot; it was a complete transformation. Initially having 34 clients from diverse industries, Matt redirected his agency’s course. Today, the agency boasts 13 employees, 10-15 VAs, and numerous subcontractors, a testament to the success of niche marketing.

Retaining Diverse Clients: The Proof of Effectiveness

One might wonder what happened to Matt’s clients from other industries. Surprisingly, several clients outside the restaurant niche chose to stay on board. Why? The effectiveness of the marketing program proved to be industry-agnostic. This unexpected outcome emphasized the power of a well-crafted marketing strategy.

Adapting to Crisis: A Lesson in Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for businesses, especially those in the restaurant industry. Leveraging a robust database built over the years, Matt’s agency navigated through the crisis. Initiatives like online campaigns and messenger services showcased the adaptability needed during uncertain times.

The Philosophy of Marketing According to Matt

At the core of Matt’s approach is a philosophy that revolves around building databases rather than solely focusing on direct sales efforts. Using channels like Facebook, Instagram, messenger, email, and text, the ROI engine prioritizes spending advertising dollars to construct databases for long-term benefits.

Lessons from Economic Downturns

Drawing on experiences from events like September 11 and the 2008 financial crisis, Matt advocates for a robust financial structure, good cash flow, and credit preparedness. The ability to adapt quickly and utilize databases becomes paramount during economic uncertainties.


Go High Level proved to be the transformative solution that addressed Matt Plapp’s challenges in lead generation for America’s Best Restaurants. By providing a comprehensive, efficient, and scalable platform, GoHighLevel not only saved costs but also exceeded expectations, leading to a strong endorsement from Matt Plapp himself. The success story of America’s Best Restaurant underlines the potential of Go High Level in revolutionizing lead generation strategies for businesses.

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