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Jake Zufelt’s Journey with GoHighLevel – Marketing Agency

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Jake Zufelt, the Best Selling Author of “Digital Marketing Sucks” and founder of Jake Zufelt Consulting, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate his marketing agency using GoHighLevel (GHL). This one-page case study explores the challenges he faced, the innovative solutions employed, and the remarkable outcomes that ensued.

Customer Profile:

  • Name: Jake Zufelt
  • Company: Jake Zufelt Consulting
  • Position: Best Selling Author of “Digital Marketing Sucks”
  • Location: Lebanon, Oregon, United States
  • Website:

Exploration and Aspiration For Marketing Agency

Desire for Freedom:

  • Jake sought more freedom for himself and his family when establishing his marketing agency in mid-2020.

Initial Platform Exploration:

Financial Struggle:

  • Started with a modest monthly income of $3,500.

Career Transition:

  • Transitioned from a 10-year career as a pastor to the dynamic world of marketing.

Innovative Problem-Solving Expedition For Marketing Agency

Introduction to High Level:

  • Introduced to “Go High Level” by a marketer from Atlanta, Jake decided to explore it as a Click Funnels alternative.

Adoption of High Level:

  • The swift adoption of High Level transformed the agency’s trajectory within a month.
  • Utilized High Level’s comprehensive tools and resources for robust business growth.

Career Shift:

  • Jake made the strategic decision to leave his pastoral position and appointed his former boss as the general manager for the agency.

Achievements and Positive Consequences For Marketing Agency

Financial Growth:

  • Witnessed a remarkable financial transformation, soaring from a $3,500 monthly income to a six-figure agency in less than three months after implementing High Level.

Life Changes:

  • Gained the freedom to work from home, a significant shift from traditional office settings.
  • Attained financial resources, crucial after years of a smaller income at the church.
  • Enabled Jake to extend care to people through newfound resources.

Business Maturity:

  • Merged with Height Digital, symbolizing the agency’s substantial growth and expansion.
  • Continued use of GHL to serve clients efficiently and effectively.

Belief in High Level:

  • Emphasizes that High Level, when used effectively, is not merely about monetary gains but offers tools and resources to enhance freedom both inside and outside the business.

Gratitude and Invitation:

  • Jake expresses deep gratitude to GoHighLevel and warmly invites others with similar aspirations to share their experiences.


Jake Zufelt’s success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of GoHighLevel. From overcoming initial challenges to achieving financial prosperity and business growth, Jake’s journey inspires others to explore the immense potential of this comprehensive business solution. Experience the freedom and success that Jake found with GoHighLevel – a game-changer for modern entrepreneurs and marketers.

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