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Steve Rosenbaum Success in GoHighLevel Marketing Automation

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Meet Steve Rosenbaum, the visionary CEO and Founder of Learning Paths International, whose success story is intricately woven with the transformative impact of GoHighLevel (GHL). As a seasoned consultant and thought leader, Steve overcame integration challenges in marketing automation through GHL’s game-changing solutions. The result? Scalability, recurring income, and achieving SAS preneur status within a year. Steve’s journey is a testament to GHL’s power in propelling businesses to unparalleled heights of prosperity.

Customer Profile:

  • Name: Steve Rosenbaum
  • Company: Learning Paths International
  • Position: C.E.O and Founder
  • Location: Chaska, Minnesota, United States

About Steve Rosenbaum

Steve Rosenbaum, CEO and Founder of Learning Paths International, is a seasoned consultant, author, and thought leader specializing in learning, training, talent development, and time to proficiency. His diverse expertise and commitment to excellence drive the success of Learning Paths International, showcasing visionary leadership and industry insight.

Challenges/Needs: Marketing Automation

Integration Hurdles:
  • Faced challenges integrating various programs like Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, and others.
  • Difficulty in integrating WordPress websites and calendars.
  • Hindered efficiency and scalability in marketing automation.
  • Aspired to help millions of small businesses with marketing.

Solutions: Marketing Automation

High Level Snapshot Revolution:
  • Discovered a transformative solution with GoHighLevel, leveraging its innovative Snapshots feature.
  • GoHighLevel effectively addressed integration challenges that were impeding seamless marketing .
  • Enabled the replication and scaling of marketing automation for small businesses.

Outcomes: Marketing Automation

Replication and Scaling:
  • Achieved the ability to replicate and scale marketing automation processes.
  • Successfully created a reliable stream of recurring monthly income.
  • Realized the vision of aiding millions of small businesses in their automation journey.
  • Established Learning Paths International as a flourishing and successful agency.

Partnership with GoHighLevel: Marketing Automation

Gratitude and Emphasis on Opportunity:
  • Steve expresses sincere gratitude to GoHighLevel for enabling the realization of his dream in building a successful agency.
  • Highlights the immense opportunity GoHighLevel provided to help small businesses while generating monthly recurring revenue.

Timeline and Results

Swift Progress with GoHighLevel:
  • Commenced using GoHighLevel in November 2021.
  • Reached the esteemed SAS preneur level within approximately one year.
  • Acknowledged making mistakes but shared the valuable lesson of learning from others to expedite progress.

Advice for Others

Results-Focused Approach:
  • Encourages fellow entrepreneurs to focus on selling results rather than the entire system.
  • Recommends starting with small packages and gradually building success.
  • Stresses that businesses crave tangible results, and GoHighLevel is the solution that delivers.


Expressing Gratitude and Excitement:
  • Thanks GoHighLevel for its invaluable contribution to the success of Learning Paths International.
  • Expresses excitement about achieving the status of a SAS preneur, a testament to the transformative impact of GoHighLevel.

Conclusion: Marketing Automation

In conclusion, Steve Rosenbaum’s triumphant journey with GoHighLevel stands as a beacon of success for Learning Paths International. Overcoming integration challenges and leveraging GHL’s innovative solutions, Steve not only achieved scalability and recurring income but also earned the prestigious SAS preneur status within a remarkable timeframe. His story underscores the transformative power of GHL in propelling businesses toward unprecedented heights of prosperity. Steve Rosenbaum’s success serves as an inspiration for those seeking a powerful ally in their quest for marketing automation excellence.

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