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Pluckd: Secret Weapon for Management and Employee Retention

pluckd review

What is a Pluckd? is a talent management platform designed to help businesses make more informed decisions about their employee’s skills and talents. The main focus of Pluckd is to uncover and utilize the hidden talents and capabilities within a company’s existing workforce.



It aims to assist businesses in optimizing their talent pool, increasing internal mobility, upskilling employees, and improving worker retention.

How does Pluckd work?

Pluckd is like your trusty sidekick in the world of business. It’s all about helping you discover the hidden talents and skills within your team. No need to go on a hiring spree because your existing workforce is a goldmine waiting to be tapped into.Imagine you’re five years into the future, and you’re scratching your head, thinking, “What skills will my company need?” Pluckd doesn’t have a crystal ball, but it’s got the next best thing – data! It gives you this clear, data-driven view of what skills your team has right now and what they could potentially develop. So, no more guesswork when it comes to making smart talent decisions.

Now, here’s the fun part. Pluckd helps you map out your team’s skills. You can spot your in-house experts, figure out where some training might be needed, and build teams that are like a well-balanced recipe. Ever thought about promoting from within? Pluckd can help you identify the perfect candidates for the job, so you can skip that lengthy recruitment process. And that’s a time-saver right there.

Plus, it’s all about keeping the pulse of your team in check. Pluckd lets you track your team’s mood every day. No more burnout surprises, and you’ll always know when a little motivation boost is needed. In a nutshell, Pluckd is like your personal talent manager. It helps you manage your talent pool efficiently, boosts internal mobility, and keeps your team’s skills up to date. It’s like having a superpower for your business!

And guess what? You can give it a whirl for free with up to 10 users. So, that’s Pluckd in a conversational nutshell – your secret weapon to uncovering the hidden talent inside your business. Sure, let me give it a conversational spin for you. Imagine you’re intrigued about what Pluckd is all about, right? Well, here’s the deal: Pluckd is this nifty platform that’s all about helping you discover the hidden talents within your team.


Pluckd is a website and platform that offers skill management software and workforce analytics solutions. Its primary purpose is to help businesses and organizations effectively manage the skills and talents of their existing employees.

Skill Management:

Pluckd allows organizations to gain visibility into the skills and passions of their employees. It helps identify the skills and talents that employees possess, helping organizations make better use of their workforce.

Talent Mapping:

The platform offers a comprehensive view of a team’s existing skills and potential. It helps organizations understand their team’s proficiencies, spot experts, and identify training needs.

Talent Identification:

Pluckd assists in identifying the right candidates for specific job roles within the organization. It provides a shortlist of potential candidates for job openings, reducing the need for external recruitment.

Peer Assessments:

Pluckd incorporates 360º peer assessments to provide an unbiased view of workforce skills. This feature helps organizations assess employee capabilities beyond their job titles.

Real-Time Data:

The platform offers real-time insights into the skills and talents available within the organization at any given moment. This enables companies to focus their training efforts on the skills they need most.

Mood Tracking:

Pluckd also includes mood tracking, allowing organizations to monitor employee morale and well-being, which can help in maintaining high performance and preventing burnout.

Internal Mobility:

The platform encourages internal mobility, upskilling, and worker retention. It helps organizations make the most of their existing talent pool rather than constantly seeking external hires.

User-Friendly Interface:

Pluckd offers a user-friendly interface for organizations to access and utilize these features.

Pluckd is a tool that enables companies to maximize the skills and talents of their employees, streamline talent management, and create a more efficient and productive workforce. It aims to reduce the time and costs associated with external recruitment by harnessing the potential already present within the organization.

Use Cases to Help Organizations By Pluckd

  1. Find the Right People: Pluckd helps transform your talent discovery process. It provides you with insights into your internal candidates who possess the right skills for job openings, enabling you to fill positions faster.
  2. Discover Workforce Capabilities: Pluckd gives you visibility into the previously untapped skills of your employees. This allows you to recognize talents within your organization, ensuring that employees are not overlooked for roles they are well-suited for.
  3. Supercharge Your Team: Pluckd’s talent search feature lets you search for specific skills and create talent searches for roles or tasks that require a combination of skills. The platform ranks employees who best match these opportunities, making it easier to identify and utilize your workforce’s potential.
  4. Promote a Growth Mindset: Pluckd encourages a culture of growth and development by promoting internal mobility, upskilling, and worker retention. It helps you manage your talent effectively, ensuring that you don’t waste time looking for talents you already have.
  5. Increased Efficiency: By leveraging Pluckd’s insights and talent search capabilities, you can streamline your recruitment and talent management processes, reducing the time and resources typically spent on external hiring.

These use cases demonstrate how Pluckd can help organizations harness their internal talent, improve workforce management, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes.

Pricing Details

The “Discovery Plan” is ideal for teams experimenting with the platform and is entirely free for up to 10 users, requiring no credit card. The “Standard Plan” at just $2 per user per month is designed for growth-focused companies and includes unlimited users and standard features. For enterprises looking to maximize their workforce potential, Pluckd offers a customizable “Enterprise Plan” with features like custom integrations, priority support, and single sign-on (SSO). Scheduling a call with them also gets you 3 months of free usage with unlimited users.


  1. LinkedIn Talent Solutions: LinkedIn offers a suite of tools for talent management and recruiting, allowing you to identify and engage with potential candidates.
  2. Talentsoft: Talentsoft offers talent management software with features for skills assessment, development, and succession planning.
  3. Skillsoft: Skillsoft provides eLearning solutions for skills development and offers tools to track and manage employee skills.
  4. SuccessFactors: SuccessFactors by SAP is a cloud-based human capital management solution that includes talent management and skills assessment tools.
  5. Talentsoft: Talentsoft provides talent management software with skills tracking, development, and performance management features.
  6. Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that helps with talent acquisition and candidate management.

Pros and Cons


  1. Skills Visibility: Talent management platforms like Pluckd provide visibility into the skills and capabilities of your workforce, helping you make better staffing decisions.
  2. Internal Talent Recognition: These platforms allow you to identify and recognize talent within your organization, reducing the need for external hires.
  3. Cost Savings: By utilizing the skills of your existing employees, you can save on recruitment and onboarding costs associated with external hires.
  4. Employee Engagement: Recognizing and promoting internal talent can boost employee morale and engagement.
  5. Skills Development: Talent management platforms often include features for skills development and training, helping employees grow in their roles.


  1. Integration Challenges: Integrating talent management platforms with existing HR systems can be complex and time-consuming.
  2. Data Privacy: Managing employee skill data requires careful consideration of data privacy regulations and security.
  3. Initial Setup: Implementing a talent management platform may require significant time and effort in terms of setup and training.
  4. Resistance to Change: Employees may be resistant to new systems and processes for talent management.
  5. Cost: Depending on the platform, there may be subscription fees associated with talent management software.

Please note that the specific pros and cons of Pluckd may vary, and it’s advisable to refer to user reviews and conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if it meets your organization’s needs.


Pluckd is a valuable workforce management tool designed to help businesses unlock the full potential of their existing employees. With a focus on skill and talent management, Pluckd empowers organizations to identify, nurture, and utilize the skills within their workforce effectively. It offers a range of features, including skill mapping, talent identification, real-time data insights, and mood tracking, all aimed at streamlining talent management processes and promoting internal mobility and growth.

By encouraging employee development and retention, Pluckd not only enhances workforce efficiency but also contributes to a positive workplace culture. For businesses seeking a modern and efficient solution to talent management, Pluckd offers a user-friendly platform that aligns with the philosophy that the growth and development of people are the highest calling of leadership. With Pluckd, organizations can harness their internal talent, save resources, and foster a more skilled and motivated workforce, ultimately driving business success.

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