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Prowly: A Case Study Featuring Chris Zelig of Medstar Media

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In the competitive realm of digital marketing, effectively promoting campaigns to a broader audience is a perpetual challenge. For Medstar Media, a creative agency specializing in producing impactful awareness videos, this challenge was compounded by the need to connect with the right journalists and media outlets to amplify their message. However, their journey took a transformative turn with the adoption of Prowly PR Software, leading to unprecedented success in their PR outreach efforts in Digital Marketing Agency.

Customer Profile:

  • Name: Chris Zelig
  • Company: Medstar Media
  • Position: Partner
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

About Chris Zelig:

Chris Zelig, Partner at Medstar Media, is a seasoned marketer with a knack for simplifying complex strategies and driving results. With a history of successful campaigns for renowned brands like Uber and Home Depot, Chris found his niche in the aesthetic industry, helping medical spas and professionals amplify their online presence and generate leads. His approach, rooted in simplicity and efficiency, has propelled numerous clients to the forefront of their respective industries.

Challenges Faced:

  • Difficulty in researching and reaching out to relevant journalists and media outlets.
  • Struggle to effectively promote awareness videos, leading to minimal traction.
  • Frustration and disheartenment due to the arduous PR outreach process.

Solutions Implemented:

How Prowly Helped: Digital Marketing Agency

Outcomes: Digital Marketing Agency

  • Major media outlets such as the Daily Mail and the New York Post picking up their stories.
  • Over 150 media outlets worldwide linking to their videos.
  • Garnering millions of views for their awareness videos.
  • Achieving unprecedented levels of visibility and engagement for their campaigns.
  • Shortened time necessary for preparing pitches and reaching out to press contacts.
  • Expansion of content outreach to a broader range of media outlets.

Recommendation: Digital Marketing Agency

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Agency

Chris Zelig’s experience with Prowly PR Software highlights the pivotal role of streamlined PR outreach in driving lead generation success. By leveraging Prowly’s intuitive platform, Chris effectively addressed the challenges faced by Medstar Media, ultimately achieving remarkable results for Medstar Media. As businesses continue to prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in their marketing endeavors, Prowly emerges as a trusted partner in achieving PR excellence and driving tangible business outcomes.

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