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Prowly vs Mynewsdesk: A Detailed Analysis of PR Solutions

prowly vs mynewsdesk

prowly vs mynewsdesk

What is a Prowly?

Prowly is a PR software designed to assist PR professionals and organizations in managing their media relations, journalists, more effectively and efficiently. It offers a range of features aimed at Prowly vs Mynewsdesk building better relationships with the media, including finding relevant media contacts, maintaining journalist-friendly newsrooms, and mynewsdesk. Prowly aims to streamline PR tasks, save time, and enhance communication with journalists.


Who uses Prowly?

Prowly is used by a wide range of individuals, organizations, journalists, and mynewsdesk in the field of public relations (PR) and media relations. Here are some of the primary users and groups who utilize Prowly.

  1. PR Professionals

  2. PR Agencies

  3. Communications Teams

  4. Marketing Teams

  5. Media Relations Specialists

  6. Journalists and Editors

  7. Content Creators

  8. Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

  9. Nonprofit Organizations

  10. Government Agencies

What is a Mynewsdesk?

Mynewsdesk is a public relations (PR) software platform that is designed to help businesses and organizations manage their PR and communication efforts more effectively. It is a cloud-based PR software solution that offers various tools and features to streamline PR activities and enhance digital communication with key stakeholders, including media professionals and brand influencers.


Mynewsdesk is a versatile PR software solution that helps businesses and PR professionals manage their PR activities, engage with media contacts, and measure the impact of their campaigns to enhance their media coverage and digital communication efforts.

Who uses it?

  1. PR Professionals: PR professionals and teams use Mynewsdesk to streamline their public relations efforts. They can create and distribute press releases, manage media lists, monitor media coverage, and measure the impact of their PR campaigns.

  2. Marketing Teams: Marketing teams often use Mynewsdesk to integrate PR activities with their overall marketing strategies. They can use the platform to promote brand messaging and engage with media influencers.

  3. Communications Teams: Communications teams within organizations leverage Mynewsdesk to centralize their communication efforts. This includes managing internal and external communication, creating newsrooms, and handling media inquiries.

  4. Media Relations Specialists: Professionals responsible for media relations and outreach use Mynewsdesk to identify and engage with relevant media contacts and journalists. The platform helps them maintain updated media lists and track their interactions.

  5. Content Creators: Content creators, such as writers and multimedia producers, use Mynewsdesk to publish and distribute content, including press releases, articles, images, and videos to the media and the public.

  6. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): SMBs often use Mynewsdesk to establish their online presence and enhance their PR efforts. The platform offers solutions suitable for businesses of varying sizes.

  7. Large Enterprises: Larger organizations with complex PR needs use Mynewsdesk to manage their extensive media contacts, PR campaigns, and media monitoring on a larger scale.

  8. Freelancers: Freelance PR consultants and individuals working independently in the PR field can also benefit from Mynewsdesk’s tools to manage their client work and PR activities efficiently.

  9. Digital Marketing Agencies: Digital marketing agencies may incorporate Mynewsdesk into their service offerings to provide comprehensive PR services to clients.

  10. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits use Mynewsdesk to promote their causes, share updates, and engage with donors, volunteers, and the media.


Mynewsdesk Features:

  1. Article Author Database:

    An article author database is a feature that provides a searchable repository of journalists, bloggers, and authors. It contains information about their contact details, areas of expertise, and publications they contribute to.

    • How it works: Users can search this database to find specific authors or filter them by criteria such as beat (a topic they cover), industry, or publication. This makes it easier for PR professionals to identify and connect with relevant media contacts for pitching press releases and stories.

  2. Auto Update:

    Auto update is a feature that automatically refreshes or updates your press releases and news content on the platform to ensure that the information remains accurate and up-to-date.

    • How it works: Whenever there are changes or updates to the content, the auto-update feature in Mynewsdesk will automatically propagate these changes, eliminating the need for manual updates. This ensures that the content presented to your audience is always current.

  3. Clippings Management:

    Clippings management involves the collection and organization of media clippings where your content has been featured or discussed in the press.

    • How it works: PR professionals can import links, articles, or screenshots of media coverage into Mynewsdesk. They can then categorize, tag, and organize these clippings, making it easy to track the impact and reach of their PR efforts.

  4. Contact Management:
    Contact management is a feature that allows users to create, organize, and manage their media and influencer contacts within the platform.

    • How it works: PR teams can add, edit, and categorize contacts in Mynewsdesk. This feature simplifies the process of maintaining an up-to-date and organized contact list, making it convenient for targeted outreach and distribution of news and press releases.

  5. Email Distribution:

    Email distribution is a tool that enables users to send press releases, updates, and announcements to their contact list via email directly from the Mynewsdesk platform.

    • How it works: PR professionals can compose and format emails within Mynewsdesk, select recipients from their contact list and send messages with news content. This feature often includes tracking capabilities to monitor email campaign success.

  6. Press Monitoring:

    Press monitoring involves the tracking and analysis of media mentions, discussions, and news articles related to your brand, company, or industry.

    • How it works: Mynewsdesk’s press monitoring feature collects data from various media sources and presents it in a dashboard or report. PR professionals can use this information to stay informed about their brand’s visibility and reputation in the media.

  7. Press Release Builder:

    A press release builder is a tool that assists users in creating professional press releases.

    • How it works: Mynewsdesk’s press release builder typically provides customizable templates, rich text editing options, and multimedia integration. Users can add images, videos, links, and other elements to enhance the visual appeal of their press releases before distribution.

Prowly Features:

  1. Article Author Database:

    Similar to Mynewsdesk, Prowly is a searchable directory of journalists and authors, offering details about their expertise, contact information, and web design.

    • How it works: Users can search for specific authors or browse by criteria to find relevant media contacts for PR outreach. The database simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with the right journalists and influencers.

  2. Auto Update:

    Auto update in Prowly ensures that your news content, such as press releases and media kits, remains current and accessible by automatically updating it.

    • How it works: Whenever changes or updates are made to content on Prowly, the auto-update feature ensures that these modifications are reflected immediately. This eliminates the need for manual updates and guarantees that your audience always has access to the latest information.

  3. Campaign Analytics:

    Campaign analytics involves the collection and analysis of data related to the performance of PR campaigns.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature likely provides detailed insights and metrics on campaign effectiveness, including open rates, click-through rates, media coverage, and social media engagement. Users can use these analytics to evaluate the impact of their PR efforts and make data-driven decisions.

  4. Campaign Management:

    Campaign management is the process of planning, executing, and overseeing PR campaigns.

    • How it works: Within Prowly, this feature enables PR teams to set campaign objectives, schedule content distribution, and monitor progress. It provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of PR campaigns, from planning to reporting.

  5. Campaign Planning:

    Campaign planning involves the strategic organization and scheduling of PR campaigns.

    • How it works: Prowly’s campaign planning tools likely include content scheduling and distribution calendars. Users can plan and schedule press releases, social media posts, and email distributions to align with campaign goals, ensuring that content is released at optimal times.

  6. Clippings Management:

    Clippings management in Prowly involves the collection and organization of media mentions and coverage.

    • How it works: Similar to Mynewsdesk, PR professionals can collect and categorize media clippings in Prowly. This feature helps measure the impact of PR efforts by tracking where and how your content is being featured or discussed in the media.

  7. Communication Management:

    Communication management centralizes all communication with media contacts, including emails, messages, and responses.

    • How it works: Prowly’s communication management feature ensures that PR professionals have a complete view of their interactions with journalists and influencers. It provides a platform for managing and tracking all communications within the system.

  8. Contact Management:

    Contact management involves the creation and organization of media contact lists on mynewsdesk.

    • How it works: PR teams can use Prowly to create, update, and categorize their media contact lists. This organized approach simplifies targeted outreach and relationship management with media contacts.

  9. Customizable Reports:

    Customizable reports from mynewsdesk allow users to generate reports tailored to their specific PR goals and metrics.

    • How it works: In Prowly, users can choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) they want to track and generate reports that reflect their campaign’s success. This customization helps PR professionals focus on the metrics most relevant to their objectives.

  10. Digital Asset Management:

    Digital asset management involves the storage and organization of multimedia assets like images, videos, and documents.

    • How it works: Prowly’s digital asset management feature serves as a repository for storing and managing multimedia assets. Users can easily access and attach these assets to press releases and other PR materials, streamlining the content creation process.

  11. Direct Mail Management:

    Direct mail management encompasses the planning and execution of direct mail campaigns in conjunction with digital PR efforts and mynewsdesk.

    • How it works: Within Prowly, this feature may include tools for managing mailing lists, designing mailers, and tracking the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. It allows PR teams to combine traditional and digital PR strategies seamlessly.

  12. Email Distribution:

    Email distribution via mynewsdesk is a tool that enables users to send press releases, updates, and announcements via email to their media contacts.

    • How it works: Similar to Mynewsdesk, Prowly’s email distribution feature allows PR professionals to compose emails, select recipients, and send messages directly from the platform. It often includes tracking and analytics to measure the success of email campaigns.

  13. Media Monitoring:

    Media monitoring involves tracking and analyzing media coverage, mentions, and discussions related to your brand or industry.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature collects data from various media sources and social platforms, providing PR professionals with a comprehensive view of their brand’s visibility and reputation. This information can be crucial for brand management and crisis communication.

  14. Monitoring:

    Monitoring in Prowly may extend beyond traditional media coverage to include social media monitoring.

    • How it works: PR teams can track social media mentions, comments, and sentiment analysis within the platform. This helps gauge public perception and respond to social media discussions effectively.

  15. Press Monitoring:

    Press monitoring involves tracking media coverage and mentions in traditional media outlets.

    • How it works: Prowly’s press monitoring feature alerts users when their brand or specified keywords are mentioned in the press. It helps PR professionals stay informed about media coverage and media sentiment.

  16. Press Release Builder:

    A press release builder assists users in creating well-structured and visually appealing press releases.

    • How it works: Prowly’s press release builder likely offers an intuitive interface with templates, formatting options, and multimedia integration. Users can craft their press releases, insert images and videos, and preview the final result before distribution.

  17. Reporting & Statistics:

    Reporting and statistics involve the generation of reports that provide insights into PR activities and campaign performance.

    • How it works: Prowly’s reporting and statistics feature offers detailed reports on various aspects of PR efforts, including media coverage, email campaign metrics, social media engagement, and more. These reports help PR professionals assess their impact and make informed decisions.

  18. Search/Filter:

    Search and filter capabilities allow users to search for specific media contacts or mentions and apply filters for refined results.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature enables users to search and filter their media contact list or media mentions based on criteria such as location, publication, or topic. It simplifies the process of finding relevant information quickly.

Alternatives: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk


  1. Cision: Cision provides a comprehensive suite of PR and media tools, including media monitoring, influencer outreach, and press release distribution.

  2. Meltwater: Meltwater offers media monitoring, social media listening, and PR analytics to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

  3. Muck Rack: Muck Rack is a PR and media relations platform that helps PR professionals find and connect with journalists and media outlets.

  4. Critical Mention: Critical Mention offers real-time media monitoring and analytics to track mentions across broadcast, online, and social media.

  5. Isentia: Isentia provides media intelligence and insights, helping organizations understand their media coverage and brand reputation.


  1. Prezly: Prezly is a PR software that focuses on press release distribution, email campaigns, and CRM for PR professionals.

  2. Cision: As mentioned earlier, Cision offers a comprehensive PR suite that covers media monitoring, influencer engagement, and more.

  3. Muck Rack: Muck Rack’s platform can also be used as an alternative to Prowly for media relations, journalist outreach, and story pitching.

  4. Newswire: Newswire provides press release distribution services and PR software for businesses looking to distribute news and content.

  5. CoverageBook: CoverageBook specializes in creating coverage reports and tracking media coverage for PR campaigns.

Company Details: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk



Technical support: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk Support:

Prowly Support:

Training details: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk



Deployment options

Mynewsdesk Deployment: Mynewsdesk offers the following deployment options:

  1. Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based: Mynewsdesk is available as a cloud-based software solution, accessible through web browsers. This means users can access it online without the need to install any software on their local devices.

  2. Desktop: Mynewsdesk is compatible with various desktop operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. This allows users to access the platform from their desktop computers.

  3. Mobile: Mynewsdesk provides mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Users can access the software on their mobile devices, making it convenient for on-the-go tasks.

Prowly Deployment: Prowly offers the following deployment options:

  1. Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based: Prowly is a cloud-based PR software solution that users can access via web browsers. This cloud deployment allows for easy accessibility and collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection.

  2. Desktop: Prowly supports desktop use and is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook operating systems. Users can choose to access the platform from their desktop computers for efficient PR management.

  3. Mobile: Prowly provides mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. This mobile compatibility ensures that PR professionals can stay connected and manage media relations on their mobile devices.

Integrations: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk Integrations:

Prowly Integrations:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : Prowly vs Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk FAQ’S

1. Who are the top Mynewsdesk competitors?

2. What is Mynewsdesk customer distribution based on company size?

3. What is Mynewsdesk’s market share in the PR-marketing?

4. What are the top industries that use Mynewsdesk?

5. What are the top countries that use Mynewsdesk?

Prowly FAQs:

  1. How can I use Prowly to find journalists and media contacts?

    • You can use Prowly’s media database to search for journalists and media contacts based on specific criteria, such as location, industry, or topic of interest.

  2. Is Prowly suitable for small businesses?

    • Prowly is typically used by PR agencies and larger organizations. Its pricing may not be as cost-effective for very small businesses or startups.

  3. Can I measure the success of my PR campaigns using Prowly?

    • Yes, Prowly provides analytics and reporting features that allow you to track the performance of your PR campaigns, including metrics like open rates and engagement.

Pros and Cons: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk



  1. Effective Press Release Distribution: Users appreciate that Mynewsdesk is an effective tool for creating and distributing press releases to journalists in specific geographic areas and industries.

  2. Professional and Easy to Use: Many users find Mynewsdesk to be a professional and user-friendly PR tool, making it easy to manage their PR work.

  3. Contacting Reporters: Users highlight the ease of contacting reporters through Mynewsdesk, which helps them achieve their PR goals.

  4. Educational Content: Mynewsdesk provides valuable educational content, and users find it beneficial for their PR efforts.

  5. Media Monitoring: While not explicitly mentioned in the provided reviews, Mynewsdesk likely offers media monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track the impact of their press releases.


  1. Localization: Some users mention that Mynewsdesk is primarily oriented toward Sweden, which may limit its suitability for international users who require bilingual press releases.

  2. Monitoring Quality: One user mentioned that the monitoring feature of Mynewsdesk might not be as robust as other aspects of the tool, but specific details are not provided.

  3. Lack of Sorting Options: A user mentioned a lack of sorting options for cases that are in the pipeline, which could impact their workflow.

  4. Limited Multimedia Sharing: Users note that there might be limitations in sharing multimedia content through Mynewsdesk, particularly in creating collages or arranging text and images.



  1. Innovative: Prowly is praised for its innovative approach, making it a favorable choice for PR professionals who are looking for modern and forward-thinking PR solutions.

  2. Recommendation-Worthy: Users have recommended Prowly to other PR professionals, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the platform.

  3. Saves Time: Prowly helps PR professionals manage media relations more effectively, saving time on routine tasks and streamlining workflows.


  1. Limited Information: Some users have found Prowly to have limited information and data, which may not meet the specific needs of all PR professionals.

  2. Customer Support: There have been reports of slow or inadequate customer support, which can be frustrating when users encounter issues or need assistance.

  3. Cancellation Challenges: Users have faced challenges when trying to cancel their subscriptions and obtain refunds, which can be an inconvenience.

Conclusion: Prowly vs Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk and Prowly are both prominent PR and media management platforms with distinct strengths. Mynewsdesk, established in 2003 and headquartered in Sweden, offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of PR features, including contact management, press release distribution, and media monitoring. Prowly, founded in 2013 in Poland, excels in integrating with platforms like Google Analytics and Instagram and provides various PR management tools. When deciding between the two, it’s important to consider your specific requirements, location, and user interface preferences. For detailed information on pricing, support, training, and documentation, contacting each provider directly is recommended to make an informed choice aligned with your organization’s objectives.

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