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Prowly VS. PR Newswire: Tools for Modern Media Relations

prowly vs prnewswire

What is a Prowly?

Prowly is a PR software product designed to assist PR professionals and organizations in managing their media relations more effectively and efficiently. It offers a range of features aimed at building better relationships with the media, including finding relevant media contacts, organizing them in a PR Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, creating visual press releases, sending email pitches, and maintaining journalist-friendly newsrooms. Prowly aims to streamline PR tasks, save time, and enhance communication with the media. here is a detaild review of prowly vs prnewswire



Who uses Prowly?

Prowly is used by a wide range of individuals and organizations in the field of public relations (PR) and media relations. Here are some of the primary users and groups who utilize Prowly.

  1. PR Professionals

  2. PR Agencies

  3. Communications Teams

  4. Marketing Teams

  5. Media Relations Specialists

  6. Journalists and Editors

  7. Content Creators

  8. Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

  9. Nonprofit Organizations

  10. Government Agencies

What is a PR Newswire?

A newswire is a service that provides news articles and information to newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasters, and other media outlets. It is a central source of news and information that is distributed to various media organizations for publication or broadcast.

pr newswire

pr newswire

Newswires typically cover a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, business, finance, sports, entertainment, PR industry, and more.

Who uses PR Newswire?

Newswire is a press release distribution service primarily used by businesses and organizations that want to distribute press releases and news articles to a wider audience. It is commonly used by public relations (PR) professionals, marketing teams, communication departments, and individuals who want to promote their news and announcements to the media and the public. Here are some of the key users of Newswire:

  1. PR Professionals

  2. Marketing Teams

  3. Communication Departments

  4. Small Businesses

  5. Startups

  6. Individuals

  7. Content Creators

  8. Event Organizers

  9. Nonprofits

  10. Government Agencies

Introduction of PR Newswire

Newswire services collect and compile news stories from various sources, including reporters, journalists, wire services, and other news agencies. They often provide breaking news and feature stories through the wire, and other content that media outlets can use to inform their audiences.

Some well-known newswire services include the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Bloomberg, and Agencies France-Presse (AFP). These services, such as pr newswire, play a crucial role in disseminating news and information to a global audience, helping to keep people informed about events happening around the world. A newswire, often referred to as a news agency or wire service, is a business or organization that collects and distributes news articles, reports, and other journalistic content to various media outlets, such as newspapers, television stations, radio stations, websites, and more. Newswires play a crucial role in the dissemination of news and information on a regional, national, and international scale.

Key characteristics and functions of newswires:

  1. News Gathering: Newswires have a network of reporters and correspondents who gather news from various sources, including government agencies, businesses, events, and eyewitness accounts.

  2. Content Creation: They generate news articles, press releases, and multimedia content. These materials are typically written in a concise and factual style to provide information that can be easily used by media organizations.

  3. Distribution: Newswires distribute their content electronically to subscribing media outlets. This distribution can be in the form of text, images, videos, or other multimedia formats.

  4. Timeliness: Newswires are known for their speed in delivering news. They often provide breaking news and real-time updates to keep media organizations and the public informed.

  5. Global Reach: Many major newswire services operate internationally, allowing news to be shared across borders and languages. This global reach helps in the exchange of information on a worldwide scale.

  6. Reliability: Newswires are trusted sources of news, and their content is often used by media outlets to supplement their reporting. Accuracy and credibility are essential for their reputation.

  7. Subscription-Based: Media organizations subscribe to newswire services to access their content. Subscribers can choose the types of news they want to receive, such as general news, business news, sports news, etc.

  8. Specialization: Some newswires specialize in specific types of news, such as financial news, health news, or entertainment news, catering to the needs of various industries.

  9. Archives: Newswire services often maintain extensive archives of past news articles and reports, which can be valuable for research and reference purposes.


Prowly Features:

  1. Article Author Database:

    Similar to Mynewsdesk, an article author database in Prowly is a searchable directory of journalists and authors, offering details about their expertise and contact information.

    • How it works: Users can search for specific authors or browse by criteria to find relevant media contacts for PR outreach. The database simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with the right journalists and influencers.

  2. Auto Update:

    Auto update in Prowly ensures that your news content, such as press releases, media kits, and wire, remains current and accessible by automatically updating it.

    • How it works: Whenever changes or updates are made to content on Prowly, the auto-update feature ensures that these modifications are reflected immediately. This eliminates the need for manual updates and guarantees that your audience always has access to the latest information.

  3. Campaign Analytics:

    Campaign analytics involves the collection and analysis of data related to the performance of PR campaigns.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature likely provides detailed insights and metrics on campaign effectiveness, including open rates, click-through rates, media coverage, and social media engagement. Users can use these analytics to evaluate the impact of their PR efforts and make data-driven decisions.

  4. Campaign Management:

    Campaign management is the process of planning, executing, and overseeing PR campaigns.

    • How it works: Within Prowly, this feature enables PR teams to set campaign objectives, schedule content distribution, and monitor progress. It provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of PR campaigns, from planning to reporting.

  5. Campaign Planning:

    Campaign planning involves the strategic organization and scheduling of PR campaigns.

    • How it works: Prowly’s campaign planning tools likely include content scheduling and distribution calendars. Users can plan and schedule press releases, social media posts, and email distributions to align with campaign goals, ensuring that content is released at optimal times.

  6. Communication Management:

    Communication management centralizes all communication with media contacts, including emails, messages, and responses.

    • How it works: Prowly’s communication management feature ensures that PR professionals have a complete view of their interactions with journalists and influencers. It provides a platform for managing and tracking all communications within the system.

  7. Contact Management:

    Contact management involves the creation and organization of media contact lists including pr newswire.

    • How it works: PR teams can use Prowly to create, update, and categorize their media contact lists. This organized approach simplifies targeted outreach and relationship management with media contacts.

  8. Customizable Reports:

    Customizable reports allow users to generate reports tailored to their specific PR goals and metrics.

    • How it works: In Prowly, users can choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) they want to track and generate reports that reflect their campaign’s success. This customization helps PR professionals focus on the metrics most relevant to their objectives.

  9. Digital Asset Management:

    Digital asset management involves the storage and organization of multimedia assets like images, videos, and documents.

    • How it works: Prowly’s digital asset management feature serves as a repository for storing and managing multimedia assets. Users can easily access and attach these assets to press releases and other PR materials, streamlining the content creation process.

  10. Direct Mail Management:

    Direct mail management encompasses the planning and execution of direct mail campaigns in conjunction with digital PR efforts.

    • How it works: Within Prowly, this feature may include tools for managing mailing lists, designing mailers, and tracking the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. It allows PR teams to combine traditional and digital PR strategies seamlessly.

  11. Email Distribution:

    Email distribution is a tool that enables users to send press releases, updates, and announcements via email to their media contacts.

    • How it works: Similar to Mynewsdesk, Prowly’s email distribution feature allows PR professionals to compose emails, select recipients, and send messages directly from the platform. It often includes tracking and analytics to measure the success of email campaigns.

  12. Media Monitoring:

    Media monitoring involves tracking and analyzing media coverage, mentions, and discussions related to your brand or industry.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature collects data from various media sources and social platforms, providing PR professionals with a comprehensive view of their brand’s visibility and reputation. This information can be crucial for brand management and crisis communication.

  13. Monitoring:

    Monitoring in Prowly may extend beyond traditional media coverage to include social media monitoring.

    • How it works: PR teams can track social media mentions, comments, and sentiment analysis within the platform. This helps gauge public perception and respond to social media discussions effectively.

  14. Press Monitoring:

    Press monitoring involves tracking media coverage and mentions in traditional media outlets.

    • How it works: Prowly’s press monitoring feature alerts users when their brand or specified keywords are mentioned in the press. It helps PR professionals stay informed about media coverage and media sentiment.

  15. Press Release Builder:

    A press release builder assists users in creating well-structured and visually appealing press releases.

    • How it works: Prowly’s press release builder likely offers an intuitive interface with templates, formatting options, and multimedia integration. Users can craft their press releases, insert images and videos, and preview the final result before distribution.

  16. Reporting & Statistics:

    Reporting and statistics involve the generation of reports that provide insights into PR activities and campaign performance.

    • How it works: Prowly’s reporting and statistics feature offers detailed reports on various aspects of PR efforts, including media coverage, email campaign metrics, social media engagement, and more. These reports help PR professionals assess their impact and make informed decisions.

  17. Search/Filter:

    Search and filter capabilities allow users to search for specific media contacts or mentions, including pr newswire, and apply filters for refined results.

    • How it works: In Prowly, this feature enables users to search and filter their media contact list or media mentions based on criteria such as location, publication, or topic. It simplifies the process of finding relevant information quickly.

PR Newswire features

1. Database and Media Database: Access to a database of media contacts and influencers.
Benefits: Helps users find and manage relevant contacts for PR campaigns, ensuring effective outreach and media engagement.

2. Contact/Campaign Management: Tools for organizing and tracking PR campaigns, media opportunities, and influencer interactions.
Benefits: Streamlines campaign management, making it easier to stay organized, track progress, and maintain effective communication with contacts.

3. Newsroom: A centralized online space to showcase press releases, media coverage, and PR-related content.
Benefits: Provides a professional online presence, making it easier for stakeholders and the media to access and engage with your PR content.

4. Outreach and Media Distribution: Tools for sending press releases and pitches to various media outlets and influencers.
Benefits: Facilitates broad dissemination of PR materials, increasing the chances of media coverage and exposure.

5. PR Planner: Features to schedule and plan PR activities and campaigns.
Benefits: Enables strategic planning, ensuring that PR efforts align with goals and target audiences.

6. Social Media Services: Tools for integrating and managing PR efforts on social media platforms.
Benefits: Enhances visibility and engagement by leveraging the power of social media to amplify PR messages.

7. Reporting and Monitoring: Ability to track and measure PR campaign performance, including metrics like views, clicks, and engagement.
Benefits: Provides data-driven insights for optimizing PR strategies and demonstrating the impact of your efforts.

8. Response Desk: Automation features to streamline responses to media inquiries and requests.
Benefits: Improves efficiency in handling media inquiries, ensuring timely and accurate responses.

9. Impact Measurement: Tools that provide insights into the effectiveness and reach of PR campaigns.
Benefits: Helps assess the ROI of PR efforts and refine strategies based on performance data.

10. Keyword Targeting: Ability to search for media opportunities and mentions of specific keywords or topics.
Benefits: Allows for proactive monitoring and engagement related to relevant keywords or industry trends.

11. Custom Reports: The capability to create tailored reports for clients and stakeholders to showcase PR results.
Benefits: Demonstrates the value of PR activities with customized, visually appealing reports.

12. Dashboards: Visual representations of PR analytics and media coverage for quick insights.
Benefits: Provides at-a-glance views of PR performance, aiding in real-time decision-making.

13. Version Control: Features to manage PR materials and permissions within a team.
Benefits: Ensures content consistency, security, and efficient collaboration among team members.

14. Team Collaboration: Tools for effective communication and collaboration within a PR team.
Benefits: Fosters teamwork, enhances productivity, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

15. Content Distribution: The capability to distribute press releases to various online and offline media outlets.
Benefits: Maximizes the reach and visibility of PR content by targeting multiple channels.

16. Contact List: A searchable database of relevant media contacts for building press release distribution lists.
Benefits: Simplifies the process of identifying and reaching out to the right media contacts.

17. Social Sharing: Enables easy sharing of press releases on social media platforms.
Benefits: Amplifies PR content by leveraging social media networks for wider distribution.

18. Analytics: Detailed measurement and reporting of PR campaign performance. Benefits: Provides actionable insights for continuous improvement and evidence of PR success.

19. Content Creation and Press Release Creation: Tools for creating and designing press releases, often with multimedia elements.
Benefits: Facilitates the creation of visually appealing and engaging press releases.

20. Multimedia: Support for embedding videos, photos, and other rich media in press releases.
Benefits: Enhances the impact of press releases by incorporating multimedia elements.

21. Newsrooms: Creation of branded online newsrooms for PR content. Benefits: Establishes a professional and accessible online presence for media and stakeholders.

22. SEO Optimization: Press releases are optimized for search engines to improve online visibility.
Benefits: Increases the discoverability of PR content in online search results.

23. Media Channels: Monitoring of various media channels, including online, print, and broadcast.
Benefits: Provides a comprehensive view of media coverage across different channels.

24. Geographic Coverage: The ability to target media outlets at local, national, and international levels.
Benefits: Allows for tailored outreach to specific geographic regions, ensuring relevance and localization.

Pricing Details: prowly vs prnewswire

  1. Newswire Value Packs:

    • Price: $1,074 for 6 Press Releases

  2. Newswire Digital:

    • Price: $349.0

  3. Newswire Digital Plus:

    • Price: $599.00

  4. Newswire State:

    • Price: $699.00

  5. Newswire National:

    • Price: $899.00

Prowly Pricing:

  • Starting from: The pricing for Prowly starts from $339 per user per month.

  • Free Trial Available: Prowly offers a free trial, allowing users to test the platform before committing.

Customer bases of Newswire and Prowly

  1. Number of Customers:

    • Newswire: 1,810 customers in the PR Marketing category.

    • Prowly PR Software: 1,661 customers in the Project Collaboration and Content Marketing Tools categories.

  2. Category Ranking:

    • In the PR Marketing category, Newswire is ranked 3rd with 1,810 customers, while Prowly PR Software is ranked 4th with 1,661 customers.

  3. Market Share:

    • Newswire has a 4.29% market share in the PR Marketing category.

    • Prowly PR Software has a 3.94% market share in the same category.

  4. Customer Geography:

    • Newswire has more customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

    • Prowly PR Software has more customers in Poland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

  5. Customer Movements for This Month:

    • Newswire gained 0 new customers and lost 4 customers this month.

    • Prowly PR Software gained 9 new customers and lost 5 customers this month.

Alternatives: prowly vs prnewswire


  1. Cision Communications Cloud:

    • Offers comprehensive PR and media communication solutions.

    • Provides media monitoring, analytics, and influencer targeting.

    • Used by a wide range of businesses and industries.

  2. Meltwater:

    • Offers media intelligence, social media monitoring, and PR analytics.

    • Provides tools for media monitoring and tracking brand mentions.

    • Used by businesses for media and influencer targeting.

    • for more details about meltwater
  3. Prezly:

    • Focuses on PR CRM and online newsroom solutions.

    • Helps manage media contacts, distribute press releases, and track results.

    • Suitable for companies looking to streamline PR activities.

  4. Muck Rack:

    • Specializes in media database and influencer outreach.

    • Allows you to discover journalists and bloggers interested in your industry.

    • Provides tools for media outreach and tracking.

  5. Cision PR Newswire:

    • Part of the Cision suite, it offers press release distribution services.

    • Allows you to reach a wide audience of journalists and media outlets.

    • Suitable for businesses looking for broad media coverage.

    • for more details about cision PR Swire

    • Provides press release distribution services.

    • Focuses on helping companies disseminate their news to a broad audience.

    • Offers various pricing and distribution options.

Alternatives to Prowly:

  1. Cision Communications Cloud:

    • Includes PR CRM, media monitoring, and influencer targeting.

    • Offers a comprehensive suite for PR and media communication.

    • Used by a variety of businesses for media outreach.

  2. Prezly:

    • Specializes in PR CRM and online newsroom solutions.

    • Helps manage media contacts, distribute press releases, and track engagement.

    • Suitable for companies seeking PR management tools.

  3. Muck Rack:

    • Provides media database and journalist outreach solutions.

    • Allows you to find and connect with relevant media professionals.

    • Offers features for media relations and PR outreach.

    • for more details about Muckrack
  4. Meltwater:

    • Offers media intelligence and PR analytics.

    • Provides social media monitoring and tracking of media mentions.

    • Used by businesses for media and brand monitoring.

    • for more details about meltwater
  5. Cision PR Newswire:

    • Offers press release distribution services and media outreach.

    • Allows businesses to reach a wide audience of journalists and outlets.

    • Suitable for companies looking for broad media coverage.


    • Provides press release distribution services.

    • Focuses on helping companies distribute news to a broad audience.

    • Offers various pricing options for press release distribution.

Languages Supported:

English: Most PR software, including Newswire and Prowly, typically provides robust support for the English language, as it is one of the most widely used languages in global PR and media relations.

Pros & Cons: prowly vs prnewswire


  • Pros :

    • Wide distribution network: Newswire’s syndication to leading news outlets can enhance your press release’s reach and visibility.

    • Customization options: Explore whether Newswire offers customization features for press releases, allowing you to tailor your content to specific audiences.

    • Reporting and analytics: Check if Newswire provides comprehensive analytics tools to measure the impact of your PR campaigns.

    • Customer support: Evaluate the quality of Newswire’s customer support and whether it meets your needs.


  • Limited customization: Depending on the package or plan you choose, Newswire may have limitations on the level of customization available for press releases and media distribution.

  • Restricted features: Some features that are available in higher-priced plans may not be accessible in lower-tier plans, potentially limiting your PR capabilities.

  • Learning curve: Like any software, there may be a learning curve when getting started with Newswire, especially if you are new to PR distribution platforms.

  • May not be suitable for all industries: Newswire’s focus may be more on certain industries, so it’s important to ensure it aligns with your specific niche or sector.


  • Pros :

    • Visual press releases: Consider how Prowly’s visual press release creation tools can enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your PR content.

    • Online newsroom: Assess the customization options and features of Prowly’s online newsroom to ensure it aligns with your branding and content needs.

    • Targeted PR pitches: Explore Prowly’s capabilities for segmenting and targeting your PR pitches to specific journalists and media contacts.

    • Integration options: Check if Prowly offers integrations with other tools or platforms you use for PR and marketing.


  • Learning curve: Prowly offers various features and functionalities, which may require time to learn and fully utilize.

  • Limited video embedding: If video integration is critical for your PR campaigns, the limited options for embedding videos in press releases could be a drawback.

  • Email customization: If you require extensive email customization options for your PR pitches, you might find Prowly’s offerings to be somewhat limited.

  • Strict editorial process: Prowly’s strict editorial process for sales releases could potentially lead to delays in getting your content published.

Frequently Asked Questions: prowly vs prnewswire

For Prowly:

  1. What are the customization options for digital press rooms or newsrooms in Prowly?

    • Users may want to know how flexible and customizable Prowly’s newsrooms are in terms of branding, design, and layout to match their organization’s visual identity.

  2. Can Prowly integrate with third-party tools or software, such as CRM systems or marketing automation platforms?

    • Understanding integration capabilities can be important for businesses looking to streamline their PR workflow with existing software.

  3. How does Prowly handle media contact management and segmentation for targeted outreach?

    • Users may want to explore how Prowly helps organize and segment media contacts for tailored communication.

  4. What types of multimedia content are supported in Prowly’s press releases and newsrooms?

    • Knowing the range of supported multimedia elements, such as video, interactive graphics, or 360-degree images, can be essential for creating engaging content.

  5. Does Prowly offer social media management and monitoring features for tracking social media conversations and engagement?

    • Understanding Prowly’s capabilities for monitoring and managing social media channels can be valuable for holistic PR efforts.

For PR Newswire:

1. What are the different markets in which Newswire and Prowly PR Software compete against each other?

  • Newswire and Prowly PR Software compete against each other in the PR Marketing and Content Marketing Tools markets.

2. How does the market share of Newswire and Prowly PR Software compare in the PR Marketing market?

  • In the PR Marketing market, Newswire has a 4.29% market share, while Prowly PR Software has a 3.94% market share. Newswire holds the 3rd spot in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for the PR Marketing category, while Prowly PR Software holds the 4th spot.

3. How many customers are acquired by Newswire and Prowly PR Software in the PR Marketing segment?

  • Newswire has 1,810 customers, and Prowly PR Software has 1,661 customers in the PR Marketing segment. Newswire has 149 more customers than Prowly PR Software in this category.

4. What are the countries in which Newswire and Prowly PR Software have more customers?

  • Newswire has more customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Prowly PR Software has more customers in Poland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Conclusion: prowly vs prnewswire

In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive comparison of two prominent PR and media management platforms: Newswire and Prowly. Both platforms offer a range of features designed to assist PR professionals and organizations in effectively managing their media relations and PR campaigns.

Newswire is known for its wide distribution network, allowing press releases to reach leading news outlets and enhance visibility. On the other hand, Prowly stands out for its visual press release creation tools and customizable online newsrooms.

Ultimately, the choice between Newswire and Prowly will depend on an organization’s specific PR needs, industry focus, and preference for features and customization options. It’s essential for businesses to thoroughly evaluate these platforms and their capabilities to determine the best fit for their PR and media management requirements.

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